“I’am very pleased that everything has been done perfectly. Again from our
part, thank you (VVIP Flight) for your “Great” work which has been appreciated.”

~Embassy, Defense-Mission~

~Assistant Defense Attache~
New Delhi, India

Everything went SUPERB in New Delhi with our VVIP visit. VVIP Flight has once again done excellent job. Thank you once again for Great Handling. Looking forward to work again together.

~ Vice President Aircraft~

Mission Commander
New Delhi, India

We would like to thank you VVIP flight for outstanding services provided to our Vice President aircraft in VAAH. Your services are truly world class, India is no more difficult location for us.  Keep up the excellent work.

~Vice President Aircraft~

Mission In charge
Ahmedabad, India

“Thank You VVIP FLIGHT for your great support of our flight in Hyderabad (VOHS)

Both Passengers and Crews are very happy with the services.


Operation Head
New Delhi, India

“Thank You VVIP FLIGHT for all your kindness to us everything with our Head of State Flight was well done.”

 See you next time…


~Head of State Flight~
New Delhi, India

Ground handling at Agra was very efficient and good-looking.



Head of State Visit

~Captain Of President Aircraft~
Agra, India

We from ********Air Forces want to express our highest gratitude and appreciation for all the cooperation and service of VVIP FLIGHTS for our President Flight, who has been to India. Hopefully always be better and strengthen the relationship between countries. Greeting from  us .

Thank you. See you next time.

In charge of President Flight

1st Lieutenant
Ahmedabad, India